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Latest Smallbore News

Smallbore Silhouette Match, 08/09/20

This was our 3rd smallbore silhouette match since the Covid.  We had some good scores on a standard Northern Virginia hot & humid day.  Will Sacripanti won both Standard and Hunting rifle with a 44 & 43, respectively.  Walt Ivanjack came out with a 34 and a 28 to take A class both standard and […]

Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Match, July 12, 2020

Our July smallbore match was a success followed by a celebration picnic. We had three new shooters in the match which had a total 10 competitors. Our winner of the day was Will Sacripanti with a 42×60 in Standard Rifle and a 48×60 in Hunting Rifle. A personal high with an immediate promotion of A […]

War Rifle Match, 12/02/2018, Plus Egg Shoot

The day was a fun day all around. It began at about 44 degrees and damp, and end at about 3 p.m. at around 60 degrees and damp. The essential rule for the War Rifle Match is that rifles must be a rifle that would have been issued to a soldier that enlisted in any […]