Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Match, July 12, 2020

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Our July smallbore match was a success followed by a celebration picnic. We had three new shooters in the match which had a total 10 competitors. Our winner of the day was Will Sacripanti with a 42×60 in Standard Rifle and a 48×60 in Hunting Rifle. A personal high with an immediate promotion of A to AA for Lesley Ivanjack with a 39 to win AA Class in Hunting Rifle and kicking her coach’s rear end at the same time!. And a visitor who usually shoots at Atglen rounded off the winnings of classes was Joe Ryba with a 39 to win AA class in Standard Rifle. A good day all around.
Following the match, we quickly cleaned up the range, and setup a picnic in celebration of being allowed to run the matches again following the virus. Good times and good camaraderie for us.
Our next match will be August 9. Come on and shoot with us. It’s a good match and believe it that if you can hit these smallbore animals you will have NO problem in small game hunting!
Our next high power match is August 2, just as a reminder.
See you then!