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Dan Gray

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FRGC highpower rifle matches are governed by NRA or CMP rules, depending on the course of fire announced in the match bulletins.

Contact the match director, Dan Gray to get on the email list to receive match bulletin announcements.

Entry fees will vary depending on the nature of the match, and depending on whether awards will be given.

All firing will be at 200-yard distance.
Maximum number of shots fired will be 88 shots.
The number of shots fired will be less for certain matches.

Shooters must report to the Benson range for registration and squadding no later than 8:30 a.m. on the day of the event.
Pre-registration may be required for “Spring League” matches.

Any center-fire rifle of .33 caliber or less is allowed.
All shooters must obey the course of fire as directed by the match director at each event.

Eye and ear protection is mandatory for all FRGC events.

What is Highpower Rifle?

The Arvid Benson Range is the location for High-Power Rifle competition at the Fairfax Rod & Gun Club. Monthly fun matches take place on a 200-yard reduced-target course, that offer training opportunities for members and their guests. In competition at the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio, and nearby Marine Corps Base-Quantico, the full course is shot at 200, 300 and 600 yards, but due to space, reduced-size targets are used on the Benson Range that simulate the sight picture found at the longer ranges.

Competitors will have the opportunity to shoot, score for other competitors, and pull and score targets in the pit area. This precision event challenges all to reach their potential top scores. Each year, the club sponsors a High Power Rifle Clinic where new shooters, and seasoned shooters can acquaint themselves with the safety rules, competition rules, course of fire, and live-fire opportunity.

High-Power shooters always welcome new shooters and are happy to coach them and lend their equipment to first timers; there is no need to purchase all the necessary equipment to compete until you are bitten by the bug. Most compete with the AR 15, and shooters can guide the new shooter in purchasing one that will enable them to successfully compete. Also in the shooter’s kit is a mat; spotting scope; heavy, supportive shooting coat; record book; a shooting stool; cleaning equipment; and ammunition. Nearly all avid Highpower shooters reload for economy, consistency and accuracy.

Many club members who participate in the monthly matches also attend the National Championships at Camp Perry, Ohio, where camaraderie, keen competition and fun bring shooters together at the national level.

NRA rules governing matches and can be found at the NRA here.

It is important to observe the hard and fast rule that shooters and spectators must wear both eye and hearing protection at all times on all ranges.

Events are all listed on the club calendar that can be found at:
Location, Arvid Benson Range
Matches begin at 9 a.m. sharp, and competitors should arrive to register by 8 a.m.
Matches normally end by 3 p.m.

Usual Course of Fire

  • 20 shots slow fire from the standing position, single loading only
  • 20 shots rapid fire in the sitting position in two 10-shot strings of 60 seconds each
  • 20 shots rapid fire from the prone position in two 10-shot strings 70 seconds each
  • 20 shots slow fire in the prone position single loading.


  • Centerfire only maximum, .30 caliber
  • Capable of loading at least eight (8) rounds in a single magazine or clip
  • Service Rifle – 1903 Springfield, M1, M1A and AR 15
  • Match rifle bolt-action with magazine and sling attachments


  • Leather or canvas-web sling
  • Shooting mat. Not absolutely necessary, but helps with comfort and positions.
  • Shooting jacket, normally tight fitting with added pads for support and comfort.
  • Spotting scope is necessary to both score for other shooters and to verify the shooter’s hits while shooting.

Match fees:

  • $50 for the four-match Spring League and the monthly fun matches cost but a few dollars.

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