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The following is a summary of the Procedure for LIGHTNING.

  • When THUNDER is heard, all shooting stops, Team Members stay together and take cover (in a building is best), Team Captains gather at the Pavilion, and the clock starts.
  • Shooting may resume after 20 thunder free minutes.
  • If the decision is to resume shooting, Team Captains are to get their teams shooting as quickly as possible. Otherwise, inform them that further shooting has been cancelled.

General Information

The Sunday Afternoon Winter Skeet (SAWS) League is an open league of the Fairfax Rod & Gun Club. This league is intended for shooters of ALL levels of experience. Beginners and the “Old Pros” are all welcome. Everyone can anticipate having a good time on these winter afternoons. Just remember that a cold day shooting is always better than a warm day at work. New shooters and those who have never tried a skeet league are especially welcome.

The SAWS League also provides an ideal opportunity to introduce your spouse (there are several Husband & Wife shooters), kids, friends and neighbors to the shotgun sports. Ladies are very welcome and all lady shooters will receive a free hot chocolate on the first day of League shooting. Teams are selected to provide the best mixes of experienced and new shooters. If you want to shoot with a specific person(s) it can usually be arranged – just be sure to let us know.

Shooting scores typically range from the single digits to perfect rounds. However, the SAWS League uses a 100-percent handicap system with no cap. It is not unusual for the new shooters to post handicapped scores greater than most of the “Old Pros” every week. National Skeet Shooting Association rules apply except as modified in the League Rules or by a Grievance Jury. We look forward to your participation.

What is Skeet?

Skeet is shot at targets released from a high trap and a low trap. The targets cross at a midfield stake that is 21 yards equidistant from each of the seven shooting stations. Station eight is located next to the midfield stake. A round of skeet begins at station one and progresses in a counter clockwise direction through the eight stations. Single targets, one from the high and one from the low houses, are shot at each station. Double targets that are simultaneously release from both houses are shot at stations one, two, six and seven. At the shooter’s first miss, he is given a second shot at the missed bird. If he breaks all the birds including high and low eight, he then shoots his 25th shot at low eight.

The Thursday evening skeet league is a great way to learn the game.

All skeet is shot on the shotgun fields.

It is important to observe the hard and fast rule that shooters and spectators must wear both eye and hearing protection at all times on all ranges.

Events are all listed on the club calendar that can be found at: http://fxrgc.org/calendar/maincal.cfm

The governing body of skeet shooting is the National Skeet Shooting Association, and rules and other pertinent information can be found on their website www.nssa-nsca.org

Advanced registration is required, check the match bulletin for details. Competition begins at 9 a.m.

Usual course of fire

  • Four rounds of 25-targets each with each gauge, 12, 20, 28 and .410 bore.
  • Doubles shot at all stations 1 through 7 and back to 1. Four 25-target rounds.


  • Each of four gauges are competed, 12, 20, 28 and .410-bore. Competitors need shoot only those gauges they choose. Often competitions are held for only one or two gauges.
  • A shooter may shoot a smaller gauge in any competition, i.e. 20- or 28-gauge in a 12-gauge event


  • Cylinder or Skeet, as the targets are from 20 to 25 yards distant


  • 100 rounds per gauge, No. 9 shot, with a few extras for potential gun malfunctions, broken targets, etc.


  • A pouch or vest to hold shells

Match fees:

  • Vary with the event, check match program or price list in the club house for practice rounds.

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