Club members may submit a request to the board of directors to reserve a range or facility for a special event.  The form to use is the Special Use Request (SUR) found in the members section of the web site.  It is not a complicated process but it does require attention to detail.  Submission of the SUR is merely a request to the board, not an announcement that you are going to take that range or facility.  The board will review the SUR and decide whether or not to approve it.  Approval is not guaranteed.  In some cases, the board may ask you to appear at the board meeting to clarify issues that may accompany your request.

Complete the following steps to submit a Special Use request:

  1. Login to the club web site [] with your user name and password. If you don’t have an account, see the instructions on page 2 of the bulletin to request one.
  2. After you have logged in, click on the Members tab, go down to the 5th item in the drop-down list and click on Special Use Permit. That will take you to the SUR page.
  3. Those items marked with an asterisk are required data items that you must fill in. Be specific about your dates, times, and the description of the activity for which you are requesting the reservation.  If your activity is restricted to club Members Only, click on that button.  Otherwise, click on the Open to the Public  Shortcutting this process will delay consideration of your request by the board until we have managed to extract all the information we need from you to make a decision.
  4. Even though they are not currently marked with an asterisk, the date, start and stop times, and event director’s name and contact info are required.
  5. After completing the form, click Submit. The form will be automatically sent to the Safety Chair, Rifle and Pistol Chair, Shotgun Chair, and the Corresponding Secretary.  These individuals will review it and, if necessary get back to you with any clarifications needed.  The appropriate individual (Safety, Rifle and Pistol, or Shotgun) will present the SUR to the board of directors for review and potential approval at the next board meeting.
  6. NOTE – The form must be submitted in time to be presented to the board meeting that occurs before your scheduled event. This does not mean submitting the form the night before the board meeting.  Failure to submit the form in a timely manner will probably result in the review and approval process being deferred until the following meeting, if time permits, or disapproval if the time frame is too short.
  7. After approval by the board, your event will be entered on the club calendar and, if you need one, a gate code will be created for you.