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04/08 Spring ATA Registered Trap Shoot
09/04 Labor Day ATA Registered Trap Shoot

What is Trap?

Trap’s clay targets are thrown in an arc away from the shooter. A squad consists of five shooters who move through five stations or “posts” during a round of trap. The basic trap game is 16 Yard where all shooters are positioned 16 yards behind the front of the trap house. Firing five shots at each post, the trap that oscillates from side to side, provides a wide variety of targets. Other trap events are Handicap where the shooter is positioned farther from the trap house based on his ability; the maximum handicap yardage being 27 yards from the trap, house. Trap shooters also shoot doubles that are two targets released simultaneously.

The Wednesday evening Trap League is a great way to learn the game.

All trap shoots take place on the Shotgun Fields.

It is important to observe the hard and fast rule that shooters and spectators must wear both eye and hearing protection at all times on all ranges.

Events are all listed on the club calendar that can be found at:

The governing body of trapshooting is the Amateur Trapshooting Association, and rules and other pertinent information can be found on their website

Advanced registration is often not necessary, check match bulletin for details. Registration/squading begins at 8 a.m. and competition begins at 9 a.m.

Usual course of fire:

  • 100 16-yard targets, rotating to the next field following each 25-targets
  • 100 handicap targets, rotating to the next field following each 25-targets
  • 100 doubles, due to setup often shot on one or two fields


  • A 12-gauge shotgun is the norm, although for reasons of recoil some will shoot a 20 gauge.
  • Chokes:
  • Light Modified or Modified for 16 yard
  • Modified through Extra Full for handicap depending on yardage
  • Light modified and full for doubles


  • 100 rounds per event, No. 7 ½ or 8, plus a few extras for potential gun malfunctions, broken targets, etc.


  • A pouch or vest to hold shells
  • Hearing and eye protection

Match fees:

  • Vary with the event, check match program, or price list in the club house for practice rounds.

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