Match Director

Tony Moller

[email protected]

The Old Dominion Classic Sanctioned Match for 2021 has been postponed until 2022. Tentative dates are September 10-11, 2022.

IDPA Matches are held at the Club [generally] the second Saturday of every month, April thru December. Match is an AM or PM squad format. Typically 5 stages, around 100 rounds. Match announcements are generally posted about 2 weeks before the match. We use PractiScore for registration and scoring. Matches are not marked public on the PractiScore web site. See below for the current match announcement and registration link. Once you register you will receive approval to squad based on the following priority order: Staff and Safety Officers, FXRGC Members, IDPA Members, and then everyone else. All IDPA matches are open to the public.

For all shooters, please review the IDPA rule book. We’ve composed a rules summary of the things all shooters need to know. You can find it here: FXRGC_IDPA_Rules_Summary.pdf

For new IDPA shoters, we’ve composed a new shooter’s guide that should help you get started with IDPA matches and our Club procedures: FXRGC_IDPA_New_Shooter_Handout.pdf

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2021 Match Dates & Results

Match DatesRegistrationScores
March 13, 2021 (SO Only match) PractiScore PractiScore
April 10, 2021 PractiScorePractiScore
May 8, 2021PractiScorePractiScore
June 12, 2021PractiScorePractiScore
July 17, 2021PractiScorePractiScore
August 14, 2021 (tentative)PractiScorePractiScore
September 11, 2021PractiScorePractiScore
October 9, 2021PractiScorePractiScore
November 13, 2021PractiScorePractiScore
December 11, 2021PractiScorePractiScore

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