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What is Smallbore Rifle?

Competitive Smallbore Rifle is one of the most challenging rifle disciplines in the world. It requires that the shooter be conditioned to long strings of fire, while focusing on the four basic tenets of rifle shooting: Position, Breathing, Sight Alignment, and Trigger Control. The targets are intentionally challenging – a violation of one of the four tenets rewards the shooter with a less than perfect (“clean”) score.

Smallbore Rifle remains an Olympic discipline, and is popular all over the world due to this very fact. It focuses on two types of competitions – Three Position (3P), & Prone only.

Here at Fairfax Rod & Gun Club matches are sanctioned by the The National Rifle Association (NRA).

In 3P, shooters are required to fire a pre-determined number of shots in each of the three shooting positions: Prone, Kneeling, & Standing, at distances of 50 yards. Common courses of fire are the “3×20” (20 shots in each position) or the “3×40” (40 shots in each position).

Prone only matches, are fired solely in the prone position. In NRA Prone, shooters may be tasked with firing up to 160 shots per day, at two distances – 50 yards and 100 yards. Shooters are classified according to their skill level after they have fired a predetermined number of shots: Marksman, Sharpshooter, Expert, & Master.

All NRA Smallbore matches take place on the Frank Mann Range. The Club has held Local, Regional, and International matches over the last 45 years.

It is important to observe the hard and fast rule that shooters and spectators on the firing line must wear both eye and hearing protection at all times on the range.

Events are all listed on the club calendar that can be found at:

Registration is ordinarily completed in advance of the competition, but may be completed on the morning of the match. Firing begins at 9:00AM. Competitors arrive early, to set their equipment up on their predetermined firing points.

Usual course of fire:

50 yard targets may have five or six bulls. The bulls above a guard line are for “sighting shots”. The lower four are for “record shots”, and count towards your score.

100 yard targets are oriented vertically, with a single sighter bull, and two record bulls below a guard line.

The total or aggregate score is for all record bulls eye targets on which five shots are fired on each at 50 yards; 10 each at 100 yards. A perfect score would be 200-20X per target. Generally speaking, 20 minutes are allotted to fire on each stage/target.


  • single shot rifles chambered in .22LR caliber, firing a 40gr. lead round nosed bullet.
  • Metallic (iron) and/or Any (scope) sights are used in NRA competition.


  • 20 rounds to shoot each stage of the match, but with sighter shots, 25 minimum, is recommended per stage.


  • Shooting mat, coat, and glove
  • Spotting scope and stand
  • Empty Chamber Indicator
  • 12 Target hanging clips

Match fees

  • Generally $45-$50 ($25 for Juniors).

The Club sponsors two 3-Position matches, and one Prone match each year.

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