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Mark Mazzocco

Cast Bullet Bench Rest Match, March, 2012

Shooting conditions were great, especially for this early season match.  Temperatures were in the 60 degree range, skies were cloudy, light conditions were flat, and winds were calm, maybe 0 to 3 knots.  Having worked on their rifles and ammo over the winter, the seven stalwarts who showed up really came to shoot.  Scores were pretty good for a March match.

Mark Mazzocco had equipment troubles and was unable to shoot, but did a super job as chief target changer and scorer.  Dave Lombard’s Heavy Class rifle showed it had not lost much over the winter, and Bob Sears is making fine progress in getting his new Heavy to shoot well.  Mike McLaughlin is still experimenting, but also coming along.

Both shooters in Hunter Class, the most difficult class in which to shoot well, did very nicely. Dave Federline shot one of his better Hunter scores, and Rudy Reyes came within spitting distance of the national record for this class.  Rudy was shooting 255 grain bullets out of an-under-9 pound rifle in 35 Whelan caliber.  Do we need to point out that this one is a kicker?  Way to go, Rudy!

Scott Lowther’s Unrestricted Class rifle turned in a disappointing performance, and Scott may just go back to another rifle.  But the big surprise of the day was Larry Collins, shooting in Production Class.  Larry did very well at both 100 and 200 yards, and we hope that his business obligations allow him to come to more of our matches this year.

Dave Lombard has been kind enough to assemble a short checklist of what a match participant might want to bring along with them when shooting a match. Click on this link to download the checklist.

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