Match Directors

Thomas Muddiman & Denton Browning

Phone: 703-590-4984

[email protected]

Bowling Pin Match Dates

Match is Open to the general public.

All matches cancelled for 2020

Match Start Time: 0900

Match End Time: 1300

Range: Sieger Range

Ammunition Restrictions: no magnum or bottle neck cases

Match Fee: $5 per each entry

Course of fire:

10 shots at 6 Bowling Pins at 10 yards timed and then 10 shots at Bowling Pin Steel plates at 15 yards timed. 20 rounds per each entry. HOLSTER CARRY IS NOT PERMITTED. ALL FIREARMS MUST BE CASED UNTIL SHOOTER IS AT THE FIRING LINE AND TOLD TO REMOVE FIREARM.

Latest Bowling Pin News

Bowling Pin Matches Canceled for 2020

Due to the current Corona Virus siuation, all Bowling Pin Pistol Matches have been canceled for the remainder of 2020. We hope to see you in 2021.