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Latest Smallbore News

Smallbore Silhouette Match & Silhouette Clinic – 6/13/21

This silhouette match was the most populated match since I became match director.  We had four relays, and all were full.  Full means 4 relays with 8 shooters on the line at a time.  The day was a perfect day to shoot, slightly warm but not hot, a little breeze, and no rain.  Our scores […]

Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Match – 05/09/2021

My usual opening for silhouette matches is that it was a beautiful day to shoot a silhouette match, but in reality, I think it’s Always a beautiful day to shoot a match! My friend, Stoney Stoneham commented that anyway shooting was a better day than most any other day, so I think I’ll stick with […]

Smallbore Silhouette Match – 03/14/2021

This was the club’s first smallbore silhouette match in 2021, also the first since our silhouette clinic on 2/27/21.  Several students in the clinic shot in this match and all did well.  Also in this match were several shooters not in the clinic and they did well as well.  And also, we had at least […]