Match Director

Chuck Nothom

[email protected]

The 2021 Bullseye Pistol program now includes the NRA Precision Pistol 2700 matches as before, and now the CMP 2700 Pistol Matches.  CMP EIC matches, both .22 and .45, will be scheduled as will NRA Distinguished Revolver matches as appropriate.
Bullseye Weekend matches are scheduled to begin the first week of April and run through November, including July.  Matches have not previously been scheduled in July because of the Camp Perry national matches.  They were cancelled this year and all local matches were held in abeyance for several months due to COVID-19.  That may well be the case for 2021. Further, I recall that very, very few local shooters have consistently competed in those matches.  A July match provides another local opportunity for those who do not attend the national matches.
CMP Precision 2700 Pistol Matches will be held on Saturdays starting at 9 AM and NRA Precision 2700 Matches on Sundays at 9 AM.
Both are almost identical with a few differences.
Given the current pandemic and the expectation that presently mandated restrictions will continue, there will always be the real possibility of changes before or during the season..
More definite information will be promulgated in February.
If anyone wishes to be on the distribution list for that information, let me know.
Point of contact is: