Introduction to Precision Pistol

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February 26, 2022

March 26, 2022

Point of Contact: Martin Johnson, [email protected]

We will start in the classroom at 9 AM promptly.

The February session will be an introduction to what precision pistol is, how it is fired, equipment used and how precision pistol can be utilized as cross training for any type of pistol, or rifle shooting sports. It is always helpful to be able to shoot a little bit better than you currently do.

Additional focus will be toward what it takes, physically and mentally to deliver a well executed shot given one’s physical abilities and equipment. In other words, learning what your reasonable expectation should be.

You may bring your unloaded with an ECI (empty chamber indicator) installed, bagged or boxed firearm and an empty magazine into the classroom. No handling of any firearm or magazines until and unless directed to do so. DO NOT bring any live ammunition into the building. None. If you have a carry gun, please leave it secured in your vehicle, or home. NO live ammo, NO loaded guns in the classroom setting. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If weather permits, we will move to the Walsh Range for controlled live fire. Experienced, skilled persons will be available to assist.

The March session will be a repeat of above if the attendees are all new. If March attendees are predominantly those who attended in February it will be advanced.