High Power Silhouette Match 03/05/23

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Hi All, well, the day started chilly but ended beautiful, with some wind in between.  We had a unique happening today in this match.  That was that an AR shooter won the match!! And with a credible score as well.  Not that the rifle shooters shot bad; not hardly:  Dick Floyd shot a 21 and 23 and Hartwell Stoneham fired a 19 & 18 both in Standard and Hunter, respectively.  It was a good shooting day!
Then, John Nolan shot a fine 18 to win AR Category as well.  John is relatively new at the silhouette game but starting out well.  That finished up the awards,. but most everyone else shot about their average.  It was a good day to shoot.
My thanks, as always, to Victor Bolster for doing a fine job at target setting for us today.
The next silhouette match will be smallbore rifle silhouette which is next Sunday, March 12, same beginning time of practice at 9, match at 10a.m.
Our next high power silhouette match will be May 7.  I decided to not do the April match as it falls on Easter.
I am still interested in shooting a handgun silhouette match.  I’m hoping June.  I’ve had some interest in that.  The problem I’m having there is I can’t locate a few of the animals. (Actually about 20 of them).  I’ll keep everyone up to date in this.  As always, I’d like to do this just to provide a bit of something different to us.  Kind of like the Egg Shoot & War Rifle match.  Last time I remember shooting in a handgun silhouette match was 1988.
Any critiques, or offers, or questions, is welcome.
I’ll see you all next week then.
Roger Estes