Match Director

Tony Moller

[email protected]

What is 2G-ACM?

2-Gun Action Challenge is a multi-gun (pistol and rifle) competition that combines shooting marksmanship with appropriate physical challenges for the shooters. Round counts are typically low for a ‘2-gun’ style match, generally in the range of 30-40 pistol rounds and 30-40 rifle rounds for a 4 stage match. The focus of 2G-ACM is on marksmanship precision under moderate physical duress, not amount of lead thrown downrange. All 2G-ACM matches are open to the public.

2G-ACM Mission Statement:

2-Gun Action Challenge is a competitive shooting sport designed with all skill levels of competitors in mind. The goal of 2-Gun Action Challenge is to provide shooters the ability to practice and improve their practical firearms handling and shooting skills in a safe dynamic environment. Using physical challenges and the shot timer to simulate stress, competitors will be pushed to think and react to targets while maintaining safety and situational awareness — as well as push to develop important skill sets like maintain trigger control under duress, perform quick and efficient reloads, practice multiple shooting positions, and utilizing problem solving skills while determining the best way to shoot a stage. All of these skills built throughout safe competition will enable quick-thinking and develop fine motor skills that can be useful in not only other competitions, but extended to life-saving skills in real world and imagined scenarios. Above all, we are here to have fun and be safe.


Click here for the FXRGC 2G-ACM Rules.

Version 1.4, updated 4/12/2021

Mailing List:

We do not currently maintain a separate 2G-ACM mailing list on mailchimp. If you want to be notified of future match announcements and 2G-ACM news, send an email to [email protected] and we will add you to our self-contained email list.

Match Registration:

Use the links to PractiScore below to register for the matches. Links published generally 12 days before the match. FXRGC Club members and Range Officers will get approval priority for the first 48 hours after a match link goes live. After that its first-come-first-served.

2021 Match Dates

Match DatesRegisterScores
January (1/9/21)PractiScore PractiScore
February (2/20/21)PractiScore PractiScore
March (3/14/21)PractiScore PractiScore
April 11, 2021PractiScore PractiScore
May 23, 2021PractiScore PractiScore
June 13, 2021PractiScore PractiScore
July 25, 2021PractiScore PractiScore
August 15, 2021PractiScore PractiScore
September 12, 2021PractiScore PractiScore
October 10, 2021PractiScore PractiScore
November 14, 2021PractiScorePractiScore
December 12, 2021PractiScorePractiScore

2022 Match Dates

Match DatesRegisterScores
January 23, 2022PractiScorePractiScore
February 27, 2022PractiScorePractiScore
March 27, 2022PractiScorePractiScore
April 24, 2022PractiScorePractiScore
May 15, 2022PractiScorePractiScore
June 26, 2022PractiScorePractiScore
July 24, 2022PractiScorePractiScore
August 28, 2022PractiScorePractiScore
September 25, 2022PractiScorePractiScore
October 23, 2022PractiScorePractiScore
November 13, 2022PractiScorePractiScore
December 11, 2022PractiScorePractiScore

Latest 2G-ACM News

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First off, sorry if you’re taking this survey a second time. Surveymonkey changed its free tier options, so we only have access to the first 40 responses. Thank you for taking another minute to provide your feedback. We are starting to plan the Club calendar for 2022. We are debating moving the matches so they are […]

August 2021 2G-ACM Match Results

We had a total of 35 shooters attend (25% Club member attendance); only a few last minute cancellations due to work or storm damage. The rain continued to hold off during the day, though the previous night’s rain left everything very muddy. Fun times! Division Winners: Armored – Thomas Keshel Open – Mike Hubbard Tac […]

August 2021 2G-ACM Match Announcement

The match registration for the August 2-Gun Action Challenge Match at Fairfax Rod and Gun Club is live. Go here to register on PractiScore: NOTES:  Make sure you have a proper pistol holster. Your pistol must fit securely, and it must fully cover the trigger guard. If a pistol falls out of your holster […]