New Rimfire Steel Challenge Match Dec 10, 2023

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We would like to announce the creation of a new event at FXRGC!

On December 10 we will be holding the first of what we hope is an ongoing series at FXRGC called Rimfire Steel Challenge.

This will be a .22 caliber rimfire only match, where participants use accuracy and speed from a static position to win!

We are borrowing heavily from our friends at the Sanner’s Lake Sportsman’s Club in Maryland for the format. This sport is a terrific way to have fun with your friends and family – of all ages!

Equipment Needed:

  • .22LR Pistol: Semi-auto or revolver with 3 magazines or speedloaders
  • .22LR Rifle: Semi-auto, lever, or pump with 5 magazines or tube loader
  • Try and have your mags loaded ahead of time, BUT NOT LOADE IN THE FIREARM
  • Ammo: up to 11 rounds per string, approx 80-100 rounds
  • Eye and ear protection for all participants and observers
  • FXRGC is a cold range – when your turn is called, bring your CASED firearm and ammo to the start position and follow the instructions from the Safety Officer

Match Description:

  • Shoot 5-7 steel plates in the order described as fast as possible with a pistol or a rifle.
  • 3 strings are shot on each stage, each timed separately and reloads are NOT on the clock. Best 2 strings count.
  • Start position is pointing firearm at the cone on the ground about halfway between the table and steel.
  • Sight picture with an unloaded firearm is permitted but finger must remain off the trigger while taking sight picture .
  • While stationary, shoot the steel plates in the order as described by the stage description with the last shot on the STOP PLATE (Red)
  • Maximum of 11 shots per string


  • Shot timers will record the time
  • 2 second penalty for missed plate
  • 30 second penalty for missing stop plate
  • 2 second penalty for foot fault or false start
  • Maximum time per string is 30 seconds
  • Worst string for each stage is dropped
  • Final score is total of all strings and any penalties
  • Fastest time wins with Division and Age categories

We will use the RCSA RULEBOOK as a guideline for this match. THIS IS NOT A SANCTIONED RCSA MATCH.

This event will have 3 squads of 10 shooters across 3 stages. Each shooter will shoot each stage 3 times.

Shooters will check in from 0900 – 0930 (mandatory safety brief at 0930). We expect to be finished around 1300. You must be at the Safety Brief to shoot the match.

The gate code for both gates is 7523# (include the hash when entering the code). Please only one vehicle at a time through the gates. Please follow the speed limits on the club roads. To get to Culver Range, enter through the Club main gate; turn right into the parking lot and through the second gate; proceed down and around the lake (road gets narrow in a few spots); take the second left past the lake up to the Culver Range. Drive down the road past the covered shooting area to the end of the road.

Non-club members may only go to the Clubhouse and the range(s) used for the match. All other areas are off limits unless escorted by a Club member.
Open carry on Club grounds is NOT permitted. Do not ‘gun up’ at your vehicle. Keep all firearms cased until your turn to shoot. If you carry when you arrive, see a Safety Officer during registration to assist you.

If you have any questions before you arrive, please ask us at [email protected].

Registration Link:

Rob Cavaleri