2024-02 2-Gun Action Challenge Match Announcement


The match registration for the February 2024 2-Gun Action Challenge Match at Fairfax Rod and Gun Club is live. 

This will be a five stage, two squad match with AM and PM squads, utilizing Culver and Benson Ranges. You shoot on EITHER Saturday OR Sunday. Damian and I will be the match directors for Saturday, and Andrew Glynn and Lenny will be the match directors for Sunday. I will be there Sunday as scorekeeper.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There will be a training class down in the Bowl area of Culver. There should not be any issues with either group causing interference with each other. I just wanted everyone to be aware that the Bowl will be in use. Culver range activity will be limited to the Culver 100 berm only. (We do this all the time for IDPA and our own shotgun and pistol only matches, so there are no safety issues.)

When you register please indicate if you are willing to be a squad Range Officer, and if you prefer shooting Saturday or Sunday in AM or PM, so we can make sure each squad has a minimum number of ROs. Checking the RO box does not guarantee you get a slot. If you are not RO’ing, don’t check those boxes; it will not effect where you get squadded. You must have prior multi-gun experience running stages and know how to use PractiScore on a tablet. We reserve the right to shuffle shooters around if we do not have enough RO’s per squad (two RO’s minimum per squad). This is essential to maintain safety and have proper stage and shooter flow. ROs and club members have till Wednesday morning to register. We will do the rest of the approvals starting on Wednesday. 

Once we approve staff and Club members, we’re going to approve the rest of the registrations randomly. Though with the new two-day format, we should have space for everyone. Once approvals go out, if you’re shooting with a partner and they did not get approved, let me know and I’ll try to work them in. Reminder for Club members: you will always be squadded. 


  • DO NOT gun up at your vehicles. You will be DQ’d if we see this. Firearms may only be uncased or cased at the designated safe tables or designated berms.
  • Make sure you have a proper pistol holster. Your pistol must fit securely, and it must fully cover the trigger guard. If a pistol falls out of your holster that is a match DQ. 
  • Make sure you read the rules (link below) and understand which division you are in. 
  • If the match is on both Culver and Benson Ranges, there will be some walking between them. So pack light or pack a cart. Driving between the ranges is discouraged. 
  • Range Officers and Club members will get priority approval for the first 48 hours; though Club members will always get to shoot. 

The FXRGC 2G-ACM Rules (v1.5): 


Register here:


Stages are still being reviewed and will be posted asap.

Match fee is $20 CASH AT THE DOOR only. We can not process credit cards at the range.

Let me know if you have any questions at [email protected]

Load and Make Ready!

Tony & match director staff