Match Director

Howard Greenhouse

[email protected]

The Running Deer range is open

Second Sunday April – October*

9am – 2pm

$10.00 for 10 shots

Note: No magnums

Questions? Text or call Howard 571-236-8986

*Except Sept. 24

Latest Rifle News

High Power Silhouette Match – 03/03/2022

This was the first match of the season.  It was the perfect day for a match; mostly calm, warm, and a lot of competitors were in attendance.  Eight shooters came and most did their average and above in the match.  Steve Engel won both the Standard and Hunting category.  Tyler Camp won the AR category […]

War Rifle Match & Egg Shoot, January 16, 2022

The War Rifle match was an outstanding success! The day was cold, COLD, running between 15-20 degrees the entire day! Last night I commented to a friend that the match is set in winter to show people that they CAN focus in the worst of times. My friend replied that I did a great job […]

Civilian Marksmanship Program Marksmanship 101

Fairfax Rod and Gun Club, in conjunction wit the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), is pleased to announce the opportunity for some superb training in June, 2022. CMP will be conducting Marksmanship 101 for both service rifle and service pistol as well as a Range Officer course, June 18 and 19, 2022 at the club in […]