Shotgun Ammunition Reminder


Recently a large number of shotgun shell hulls have been found on the Lea Valley Range. It appears that these hulls were loaded with buckshot, not slugs as permitted in the club’s range rules. These hulls have also been left on the ground and not thrown in the trash cans on the range. Members are reminded that ONLY shotgun slugs/sabots are permitted on Lea Valley center lanes and the Mann Range (no other rifle/pistol ranges). No buckshot, birdshot, etc is allowed on any of the rifle and pistol ranges.

One additional reminder that shot sizes no larger than 7-1/2 for lead or 6 for steel may be used (exception: on the shotgun Patterning Range located to the left of Shotgun Field #1, any size shot, exclusive of slugs, may be used.) The club realizes shells are hard to come by, but please keep the rules in mind when you come out to shoot trap and skeet.

Thank you for your support of the club. Please reach out if you have any questions at [email protected]

Kevin Baker, Safety Chair