Smallbore Silhouette Match & Silhouette Clinic – 6/13/21

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This silhouette match was the most populated match since I became match director.  We had four relays, and all were full.  Full means 4 relays with 8 shooters on the line at a time.  The day was a perfect day to shoot, slightly warm but not hot, a little breeze, and no rain.  Our scores were about average with Hartwell Stoneham winning Standard Rifle with a 39×60 and Will Sacripanti taking Hunting Rifle with a 41×60.  Other class winners were Will Sacripanti again, AAA, :  A Class was won by Mathew Copland with a fine 36, and B class winner was Chris Moss with an 18, but only after a shoot-off with Pam Carlson.  Good shooting by all!  

Following the match we ordered lunch from Van who provided some outstanding sandwiches to get us into our Silhouette Clinic for the remainder of the day.  

Our Silhouette Clinic had a total of 8 people come to the clinic.  Four of these had shot in the match.  The others were mostly known to me.  We had lectures about details minutia of silhouette shooting such as timing, gun rules and scoring, and above all, range safety.  Following that, Will Sacripanti, Kevin Shannon, & Hartwell Stoneham instructors showed their standing positions they used.  Following that, the rest of the day was actual shooting by the students at the class.  All the students learned a standing position suitable for them to shoot in the next match, which was the point of the clinic.  A good day was definitely had by all.