Smallbore Silhouette Match – July 11, 2021

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Another great day to shoot. Yes, it was in the low 90’s temperature, but no rain, hail, wind, excessive mirage, etc., so the day was nearly perfect to shoot in. The scores show this as well, especially in the classes of B & A class. Standard Rifle B Class winner was Randy Fricks with a 26, an excellent score for B class. Robert Grogan won B Class in Hunting Rifle, shooting a 27×60. Both these folks should be joining AA class soon. A class both Standard and Hunting were won by Joe Iacabucci, with a 31 and a 32, respectively. Unfortunately, AA, AAA, and Master class did not have enough competitors in them to have awards.

Our next match in August will be shot at the same time of the National Championships being held in Ridgway, Pennsylvania. Chances are we will have a few of our shooters that attend the Nat’ls. No matter, we will continue to have our monthly match and it will be held on Sunday, August 8. I hope to see everyone here again, except those on the way to the Nat’ls. We all wish our shooters the best in the Nationals and hope the win everything they can!

We’ll see everyone in August then. I’ll let everyone know the gate code closer to match day.

Roger Estes