Smallbore Silhouette Match – 03/14/2021


This was the club’s first smallbore silhouette match in 2021, also the first since our silhouette clinic on 2/27/21.  Several students in the clinic shot in this match and all did well.  Also in this match were several shooters not in the clinic and they did well as well.  And also, we had at least two shooters who had never fired a rifle before, and they also did extremely well for their first time.

The day itself would have been a perfect day to shoot.  Temperature was about average for a March day, except we had wind some of the time.  Not all the time, but when it was there, it was about 20-25mph wind, variable in where it blew.  Variable means, in this instance, that the flag at 60 yards on the left side of the range was blowing straight out to the left, and the one on the right side of the range was blowing straight out, to the right!  20-25mph was estimated by the tops of tall, hardwood trees blowing back and forth.  Incidentally, this also lowered the temperature about 10 degrees so when we were done the match, the temperature had came down from about 50 to just above 40 degrees.  

Hopefully April will be warmer and calmer.  I will have the gate code for that a bit closer to match day.  See you then.

Roger Estes – Match Director