Smallbore Silhouette Match, 10/11/2020

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The smallbore rifle silhouette season ended today with a nice picnic.  The day was a perfect day, mid-60’s, weather called for rain, but the rain didn’t show up till late in the day, and even then it wasn’t a problem.  Just a little cloudy.

Scores were mostly better than average for the majority of the shooters.  We had two newest shooters.  One, Luke Campbell shot a 30 & a 27 for his first time shooting rifle silhouette.  Another AnneMarie Stoneham, the newest Stoneham by marriage to Gerry!! AnneMarie fired a 3 for the first time EVER shooting, at all!!  Pretty good I’d say!  AnneMarie’s new husband, Gerry, another Stoneham, shot a 14, to pick up 2nd place in B Class, Hunting Rifle.  Gerry hasn’t shot smallbore since he joined up in the US Marines about 3-4 years ago.  Not bad for his first time out in a number of years!

Other shooters doing well were Hartwell Stoneham, winning Hunting Rifle with a 44×60, and Will Sacripanti, taking Standard Rifle Winner with a 40×60.  Others of note were Andrew Huang shooting First B Class in Hunting Rifle with a 15, and Randy Fricks took First B Class in Standard Rifle to round out the awards for this match.  Good shooting to All!

Directly following the match, we had our 2nd Smallbore Silhouette picnic.  I’ll tell this to all interested, we have a LOT of smallbore shooters that know how to cook good food!  The picnic was scrumptious today!!

This was our last smallbore silhouette match for this 2020 season.  We begin again in March 2021.  We will have our annual War Rifle/Egg Shoot match sometime in the winter and I’ll let everyone know of that.

As match director, I’d like to say both the smallbore silhouette shooters and the high power rifle shooters are just the best to shoot with I think I’ve ever known.  I’ve been in competition shooting since I was 10 years old.  If you know me then you know there are a lot of years of shooting there!  I have never shot with a group of people that were so helpful to both myself as well as others that come to our matches.  Everybody just joins in to help and explain the game to new shooters & to spot for each other.  Special thanks go to my wife, Kathy for being my Stat Officer; too Walt Ivanjack and Stoney for being my line officers;  to Victor Bolster for being our personal high power rifle target setter, and to Lesley & Walt Ivanjack for being my line and range enforcers when needed.

I look forward to seeing everyone again at the War Rifle Match and in 2021!