Smallbore Silhouette Match, 09/12/20

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Today was definitely the best match of the season in many ways;  More competitors, more new competitors, a great day to shoot in as well.  Overall, the best day of the season.

We had a total of 11 competitors that filled up four relays of shooters.  Several had never shot in any kind of match before.  Most of these new shooters were directly invited by another shooter who has only shot with us this year, Tyler Camp.  Tyler knew the new shooters from Facebook and invited them and they shot with us.  Walt Ivanjack has also introduced two new shooters this season as well.  At this rate, we could have more relays than we have now!

During the shoot, one of our shooters commented that all the newer shooters were using semi-auto rifles and perhaps we could have a sub-category of semi-auto.  This would show the new folks that they don’t have to run right and buy an expensive rifle to compete in this game but could do well with an in-expensive rifle such as a Ruger 10-22 semi-auto or similar rifle. We did that, making the semi-autos a separate sub-category from the usual of Standard & Hunting, but still left them as standard and hunting so the NRA would accept their scores for classification.  So, when you view the excel chart of the scores, and see the SA for the category, this indicates the person was firing a semi-auto rifle.  We had two winners in this, first time used new sub-category:  Andrew Huang won Standard Semi-auto, and  Ken Chng won Hunting Semi-auto.

In this match Tyler Camp had a first time 5 in Rams, and Lesley Ivanjack had a first time 5 in turkeys. Congratulations to both of them.  A five is a good score anytime.

Match winners today were Will Sacripanti with a 39×60 in Standard Rifle category and Hartwell Stoneham knocked down 40 to win Hunting Rifle.  Class winners were Lesley Ivanjack won A class Standard rifle shooting a 33×60, Tyler Camp fired a 28 to win Hunting Rifle A class, Randy Fricks shot down 19 to win B class combined.  Combined means not enough competitors in either Standard or Hunting alone so I combined both to have an award.  Randy won that.  As previously stated, Andrew Huang and Ken Chng won Semi-auto class between them.

Come on out and shoot with us next month.  October will be our last month of the season this year, being a short season with the Covid.  October is just before squirrel hunting season.  Bring your small game rifles out, tune ‘em up for squirrels.  Truly if you can hit these targets at any distance, you’ll get your squirrel limit!  Also, next month, we will finish off the season with another picnic.  The last one was a fine success.  We will do the same for next month.  I’ll be contacting everyone with requests on what they are going to bring to eat.  It was scrumptious last time.

Next smallbore match will be October 11.  Practice at 9 a.m., match at 10.  Our next high power match will be October 4.  Come to that one and get your deer rifles sighted in!

See everyone next month.

Roger Estes