Small Bore & High Power Rifle Silhouette Clinic

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February 27, 2021. 11 am to 5 pm in the Clubhouse

Welcome to our introduction of our shooting game, Small Bore & High Power rifle silhouette shooting.

Introduction of instructors.  The one who thought up this course, Hartwell Stoneham (Stoney), Walt & Lesley Ivanjack, Will Sacripanti, and myself, Roger Estes.

This is a 3 hour seminar to help you get started if you know nothing about silhouette shooting other than little targets are shot down like old time gallery shooting in fairs.  I think of it as organized can shooting off a fencepost or in a field.  Or this class will help up your game with suggestions on positions, equipment and other general knowledge.

          By the time you are done here you will know how to get into a stable standing shooting position, legal for silhouette shooting.  You will know what equipment you can or should use dependent on your skill level.  You will know how to register for a match, what the numbers on your scorecard mean, how to score, and in what order to shoot the targets and score.

What the instructors will do today is each of us will give a bit of history about ourselves relating to our shooting experience, show you each instructor’s standing position, and specifics about the position, then have the instructor explain why he or she uses that position.

I’ll start out with a kind of round up of starting out.

Contact Roger Estes at [email protected] to confirm attendance.