High Power Silhouette Rifle Match – 04/04/2021


Today was a far more popular match than I expected. Since it was Easter, I figured perhaps a max of 4 competitors. Not quite – we had more competitors than any other high power match since I began running them! A total of 4, completely full relays!

The day began calm and chilly, in the high 40’s. The weather got warmer, and windier as the day passed by. Wind was variable, though mostly toward the shooting line, and as high as around 30mph, with trees blowing at times!

Our winners today were Dick Floyd in both Standard, with a 23 & Hunting Rifle at a 28, and Randy Fricks in Semi-Auto firing a 15, all out of a total of 40 shots for record. As can be seen from our chart, our semi-auto shooters are proliferating. As to my change in comment for semi-auto, we are having different manufacturers of these firearms. They are no longer all one appearance.

To further comment on our semi-auto rifles: Originally, the rifles were all AR’s, but since then, other rifles of the same general type have been allowed, such the Tavor, and more recently, Steyr AUG. If you have a similar rifle, in a 22 caliber and would like to shoot, give the match director an email so we can discuss it.

As always, our complete thanks to Victor Bolster for coming out and setting targets for us.

Roger Estes-Match Director