High Power Rifle Silhouette Match 10/2/22

I thought today was a great day to shoot!  Every weather program on tv & radio predicted we would have Serious rain, and wind most of the day.  But in fact, we only had that about the last hour or so in our match!  As you know,Stoney won both Standard and Hunting with a 22 & 18, respectively.  Mathew won AR with a 14.  And Tyler won a combo of A & AA class Standard Rifle with a 14.  Overall, most of the rest of us shot our average.
I enjoy competition shooting in rainy weather, or in snowy weather.  Its one reason I have the War Rifle match in the coldest part of winter.  Competition shooters find it hardest to focus in cold or rainy weather.  If you have ever shot in this kind of conditions, you already know that.  I think competition shooters are far better focused, in general, than basically everyone else. Again, as we all know, there is nothing like practice to make us better.  Besides competition, you just never know when you may have to focus during extremely stressful moments, and little things like shooting matches may just help you over that problem and you win the day because of it.