September Bud Meyer Black Powder Silhouette Shoot


A nice day to shoot and 14 people turned out for the last match of the season.

John Wenchel took first place again with a very nice 27, nice shooting John!  Bob Bloyer took the high round ball, shooting a flint as well with a 22.  Bob also broke the tie for 3rd place with Jan Herman by having a longer string of Bear hits than Jan did.

Bob, shooting a flintlock also made the best shots of the day.  For this match I moved a ground hog to 75 yards and a buffalo to 100.  Bob hit both with no problem.

Jan Herman also hit both the ground hog at 75 and the buffalo at 100.  Doug Crowe hit the ground hog at 75 as did Dave Vance.  Welcome Dave to the Silhouette shoot we see him at the Ram Bash frequently.

Tony Sucher once again managed to come up with mechanical problems and wasn’t able to get them corrected in time to finish the match.  However, everyone goes home with something at this match!

Dwight Hulstick also showed up, we are glad he’s feeling better.

Corinne always does an outstanding job of doing the prize shopping!

Next shoot is April 2020!  See you there!

Shooter Score
John Wenchel 27
Mike Moss 23
Bob Bloyer Round Ball, Flint 22
Jan Herman 22
Bob Speegle 21
Doug Crowe 20
Chris De F. 19
Fred Lewis 19
Jim Boring 17
David Vance 13
Corinne Huffman 11
Dwight Hulstick 8*
Steve Prince 5*
Tony Sucher 2*

*Did not finish