Running Game Sunday Aug 8


The Running Game Range is set up to mimic a running Deer or Boar. Using a rifle you shoot a moving target. Just like hunting. The scoring areas on the target would be the same as the kill areas on that animal. Points go from 5 to 0. A match has two sighters shots. And either 10 or 20 shots for record.

If enough people show, I have two categories. Gamers and real hunters. Gamers are those who shoot 17’s, 22’s, non hunting calibers. Real hunters shoot 23cal or larger. So 243, 308, 30-30. What you would go into the woods with. This is a lot of fun! And is part of Fall Festival. The range is ready with several improvements. This Sunday 8/8 at 9:00 to 13:00 on Poraski. You can use your A/R or service rifle, with or without scope.

This match is open to all members and their guests  Any questions, Please call Howard Greenhouse  703-670-5024