October 2020 Bud Meyer Black Powder Silhouette Shoot

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A nice day that started out sightly foggy, but cleared up quickly.  A crisp day that warmed up nicely.  We had 12 competitors and some surprises this match.  We missed some of our regulars, and hope to see everyone next year.

Thanks to all for helping with the targets and to Mike Moss who did the prize shopping under the close supervision of Corinne.

Bob Bloyer brought the right gun and wrong ammo.  However, Karl stepped up having brought extra ammo and let Bob share his Musket for the shoot.  So, unfamiliar gun, Karl coached him on where to hold, and Bob wins the match.  Not only wins the match, but hit the 90 degree turned buffalo (at 75 yards) dead on the edge (I watched the hit through the binoculars) flipping it end over end for a 3 point hit!  We should all take lessons from Bob.

Owen hasn’t attended for quite some time, nor had Jim Adams.  We were pleased to see them both and Owen won the Round Ball prize.

Mike Moss attributed his low score to the fact he was shooting Corinne’s ammo and said it wasn’t loaded correctly.  Corinne wasn’t there to defend herself this time, but we’ll see her again next year.

Our extended season was a great success, thanks to all who participated.  Dust off those flintlocks, percussion guns, and any other muzzleloader you have and gear up to join us for the 2021 season.

Shooter Score
Bob Bloyer 24
Rob Freeman 21
Craig Goheen 20
Fred Lewis 20
Jan Herman 19
John Wenchel 19
Karl Hovatter 17
Mike Moss 17
Earl Fox 15
Doug Crowe 9
Jim Adams 9
Owen Peters  (Round ball winner) *