September 19, 2021 Bud Meyer Black Powder Silhouette Shoot

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Weather was nice, not too hot, and low humidity.  We had 11 shooters who turned out for the last match of the year.  I had a passable day and turned in a 21 to win the match.  Bob Bloyer won the round ball prize again shooting his flintlock.   He also let me take a shot with it, first time I ever shot a flintlock.  Jan Herman came in second with a 19.

Corinne attributed her lower score than Mike’s to using his ammunition.  Appears Mike kept the good stuff for himself.

Several 18’s, ties are broken by the number of bears hit.

Thanks to all for helping with the targets and to Mike and Corinne for the prizes.

Hope to see everyone next year, we start in April!


Name Score
Chris De Francisci 21
Jan Herman 19
Jim Boring 18
Skip Fisher 18
John Wenchel 18
Mike Moss 17
Karl Hovatter 16
Bob Bloyer RB 14
Corinne Huffman 12
Jim Burgess RB 8
Fred Lewis RB 5