May 2021 Bud Meyer Black Powder Silhouette Shoot

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It was a dark, dreary, rainy day.  Well, not really.  It was overcast and the light was low for the morning, but no rain, temperature was milder than we’ve had the past week, but not bad.  Overall a nice pleasant day.

10 intrepid shooters showed for the Memorial Day Silhouette shoot.  Some of us dragged out guns we haven’t shot in a while.  And, for me, something I need to do more often.  Pulling out my old Enfield Musket turned out to be a good thing, highest score I’ve shot in a while.  I managed to edge out Jan Herman by 1 hit.

Bob Bloyer was our high round ball shooter and also shooting a flintlock.  Doug decided to shoot an old round ball gun, but discovered it wasn’t sighted in as he thought.  We did get that corrected by the end of the match and he was dropping all his targets by the end.

We had a turned bear and a turned groundhog this time.  I think the low light accounted for some of the low scores.  We all agreed that more practice is needed.  Having some extra time after shooting our targets, Karl, Jan, and I tried our luck at 200m on a couple of the small silhouettes.  We came close, but no hits this time.

And, as always, a fun time was had by all.  This is an old-fashioned grocery shoot and everyone goes home with something.

Thanks to all who helped with the targets and to Mike for getting the prizes.

Mark your calendars for the next shoot on June 20th..

Shooter Score
Chris De Francisci 23
Jan Herman 22
Ken Moore 18
Fred Lewis 17
Mike Moss 16
Karl Hovatter 15
Jim Boring 13
Bob Bloyer (flint, round ball) 12
Jim Burgess 10
Doug Crowe 10* DNF
*did not finish