June 2021 Black Powder Silhouette Match Results

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We had a nice Father’s Day match.  Weather was a bit humid, pleasant, and slightly overcast.  12 shooters turned out for the match.  We had 2 turned groundhogs this time, Rob Freeman hit one and I hit the other.  Thanks to Mike and Corinned for the prizes and to Lou for the additional donated items.

First prize went to Rob Freeman with a really terrific 27, highest score we’ve seen in a while.  Highest round ball score went to Doug Crowe, who persevered even though his sights needed work.


Name Score
Rob Freeman 27
Chris De Francisci 22
John Wenchel 19
Jan Herman 19
Craig Goheen 17
Corinne Huffman 17
David Baldwin 15
Fred Lewis 15
Jim Boring 14
Lou Knapp 8
Doug Crowe 6
Mike Moss *