July 24, 2022 Bud Meyer Black Powder Silhouette Shoot

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We had a beautiful day for the match, it was hot, but very tolerable under cover.  Rob Freeman kindly brought a fan that kept the air circulating.  11 shooters showed, but the heat and vacations kept away some of our regulars.  Hope to see them in August.

Rob Freeman was our high bullet shooter with a very nice 24.  Bob Bloyer, our flintlock and round ball shooter was the highest round ball with a 17.

Please note, the gate code is in the format of 30X2#.  The “X” is the number of the month we are shooting in.  So, for those who attended, yes, I put NEXT months code in the email, not July’s.  So, next month, the code WILL BE 3082#.

As always, thanks to all who helped with the targets, Jan who helped with the prizes, and Rob Freeman for the fan and showing up early to help me put out all the targets.

Next match is August 21st, 2022.  See you there!


Name Score
Rob Freeman 24
Doug Crowe 21
Jim Boring 20
Ken Moore 19
Chris De Francisci 19
Bob Bloyer 17
Jan Herman 16
Craig Goheen 17
Jim Burgess 12
Karl Hovatter 10
Clint Huffman 5