July 2020 Bud Meyer Black Powder Silhouette Shoot

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A fairly warm day to shoot and 18 people turned out for what turned out to be the first match of the season.  We missed the first three shoots due to the virus issue but now have been able to start back up.

We had quite a crowd for the shoot with some old faces and new showing up.  Targets went up quickly with all the help and we had to reset several times due to the good shooting by the participants.  First time I can remember being down to 1 bear on a relay.

High shooter was Ken Moore with a 24!  Followed by Rob Freeman with a 23.  Rob, Fred, and David were the only ones to hit a sideways target.

Bob Bloyer won the Round Ball prize with a 21.  Bob also shoots a flintlock.

Art Twitchell showed remarkable optimism by shooting a Smoothbore Musket.  And did quite well.

We finished early so managed to beat the heat, thanks to Mike Moss for bringing the fans to help cool things off.

Ties were broken by number of Bears hit.

Next shoot is August 30, 2020!  See you there!

Shooter Score
Ken Moore 24
Rob Freeman 23
Mike Moss 22
Bob Bloyer (RB) 21
Chris De Francisci 20
Craig Goheen 19
John Wenchel 19
Jim Boring 18
Jan Herman 17
David Clements 15
Fred Lewis 15
Corinne Huffman 14
Rick Clements 13
Earl Fox 11
Daniel Clements 11
Doug Crowe (RB) 9*
Art Twitchell 7
John Eckenrode 7

*Did not finish