High Power Spring League Recap


For some years it’s been a rite of spring, an awakening, a chance to dust off the dust, de-rust the rust, clean and oil the gun, see if the shooting coat still fits, load some ammo, and engage in some intense competition. Such is the High Power Rifle Spring League, several weekends of matches in April and May fired, on Benson range.

Many local shooters use spring league as an opportunity to “tune up” for the spate of state, regional, and national matches later in the year. Others shoot just because it’s fun. Still others just entering the sport use it as a way to engage without the pressure of being the new guy at big championship match. We saw several shooters in this last category and whole-heartedly welcome the new blood.

In 2020 COVID restrictions caused a cancellation after only one of the scheduled 8 matches was shot so 2021 saw some pent up enthusiasm. It was obvious that everyone had come to give their best. In a discipline where 490 points out of a possible 500 is a rarity, 2021 saw several shooters perform at that level multiple times. Remarkably the top four shooters averaged 490+ for the series.

Overall winners/averages were

  • Jeff Browing/493,
  • Jack McKinney/490.67
  • Roman Podshivalov/490.67

Cash prizes were awarded for high 3 overall and high 3 in each classification (High Master, Master, Expert, Sharpshooter, Marksman, and Unclassified). Prizes also went to shooters in the categories of civilian, military, woman, and junior. The scores and individual placements can be found at https://www.fxrgc.org/rifle/high-power-rifle-spring-league/ , pane “Match Results”, folder “2021. Pictures are at https://www.fxrgc.org/rifle/high-power-rifle-spring-league/, pane “Match Results”, folder “2021”, sub-folder “pics and videos”.

The remainder of the year will see matches on the first and third Saturdays. The announcement is at https://www.fxrgc.org/rifle/high-power-rifle-monthly/. The match dates can be found on the club calendar, listed as “High Power Rifle Match”.

Of special note: the 3rd Saturday match of August, September, October, and November will be “vintage gun” matches. This has become an extremely popular series. The calendar entries are identified as “High Power Rifle Vintage Match” and the announcement is at https://www.fxrgc.org/rifle/high-power-rifle-vintage/. This is an opportunity to shoot a rifle of the type your father or grandfather (or even great-granfather) carried in battle.

New shooters are always welcome and will find experienced shooters eager to assist. Bring yourself, a friend, or a family member and get involved in this challenging discipline. Get on the mailing list for announcements, results, and other stuff at https://www.fxrgc.org/about-us/mailing-lists/, button “Subscribe”, then check “High Power Rifle”.

Questions about High Power Rifle? Contact the High Power Rifle Match Director, Dan Gray, [email protected].