August Bud Meyer Black Powder Silhouette Shoot


Another beautiful day.  We had a nice turn-out of 13 shooters.  Missed some of our regulars due to a competing shoot.

John Wenchel took first place with a 25, nice shooting John!  Bob Bloyer took the high round ball, shooting a flint as well with a 23.  Bob Speegle and Rob Freeman tied for 4th, but Bob had more Bears than Rob.  Fred Lewis and Mike Moss also tied, and again, Fred had more Bears than Mike.

Corinne beat out Jan Herman on their tie and Jim Boring moved ahead of me on the Bears as well.

A couple of us tried for the turned Ground Hog, but missed.  Jim Boring shot the target next to it and took them both down.  But, no extra points for that.

In the long running competition between Corinne and Mike.  Corinne thought to even the playing field by having both of them shoot the same gun.  It almost worked.  But Mike edged her out by 1 target.

I plan some surprises for September, hope to see everyone at the match.  September is the last match of the year.

As usual, thanks to Corinne for doing the prize shopping!

Next shoot is September 29th!  See you there!

Shooter Score
John Wenchel 25
Doug Crowe 24
Bob Bloyer Round Ball, Flint 23
Bob Speegle 20
Rob Freeman 20
Fred Lewis 19
Mike Moss 19
Corinne Huffman 18
Jan Herman 18
Jeremy Kinney 15
Craig Goheen 14
Jim Boring 10
Chris De F. 10