August 2020 Bud Meyer Black Powder Silhouette Shoot

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A lovely day with sun, low humidity, and pleasant temperature to shoot.  We had 18 competitors and one new shooter.

Thanks to all for helping with the targets and to Mike Moss who did the prize shopping under the close supervision of Corinne.

Jan Herman won the bullet 1st prize and the match with a 21.

Dwight Hulstick won the Round Ball prize with a 17.

Large number of tie scores this time, as usual ties are broken by number of Bears hit.

Next shoot is September 20, 2020!  And don’t forget our extended season with the October 18th shoot.

See you there!

Shooter Score
Jan Herman 21
John Wenchel 20
Fred Lewis 19
Rob Freeman 19
Chris De Francisci 19
Ken Moore 19
Dwight Hulstick 17
Bob Bloyer 17
Karl Hovatter 15
Jim Boring 15
Mike Moss 15
Daniel Clements 14
Nathaniel Bueno 14
Earl Fox 14
Craig Goheen 13
Art Twitchell 11
Doug Crowe 11
Corinne Huffman 10