Wasteland Shuffle Match Announcement

InRangeTV an 9 Hole Reviews recently announced a “remote challenge” Fallout themed Wasteland Shuffle 2G-ACM stage. We will be holding the Wasteland Shuffle event on Saturday, June 5th, from 9am to 2pm on the Culver Range. There will be the two standard Wasteland Shuffle divisions (bolt action + .22LR pistol and AK 7.62) plus an “Other” division where you can bring what kit you want. AR’s for the rest of us? Of course. Lever action .30-30? Sure. .45-70 and big bore revolver? Go for it. Scopes or irons. (Scopes must be used at no more than 4x though.) You may shoot the event once in each division, but only once per time slot. Cost is $5 per shooter per run to cover Club fees. (If shooting multiple divisions, you will need to register on practiscore separately for each division.) LARP’ing is encouraged. Any questions please ask at [email protected].

Register Here: https://practiscore.com/fxrgc-2gacm-wasteland-shuffle/register