September 2021 2G-ACM Match Report

Division Winners:
Armored – Scott Butler
Open – Daniel Monahan
PCC – Wesley Krulla
Tac Irons – Tony Moller
Tac Limited – Jeremy Furtney
Tac Scope – Jeff Underwood

We had a total of 35 shooters attend; with 29% Club member participation. We continue to see new faces at the 2-Gun Action Challenge match, which is great to see. Not to mention all the returning regulars.

Special thanks to member Brian Platt for loaning his hostage target for one of the stages. It was well received by the competitors, and a particular challenge.

Full scores can be seen here:

Our next match is scheduled for October 10th. See the 2G-ACM Club page here to keep up to date on match status, registration and score links (

Tony Moller, 2G-ACM Match Director