October 2021 2G-ACM Match Announcement

The match registration for the October 2-Gun Action Challenge Match at Fairfax Rod and Gun Club is live. Go here to register on PractiScore:


REMINDER: This is a Shotgun-Pistol match. All 4 squads start at 9am. There are no PM squads. See the stages below for the shotgun rules addendum. Costumes are encouraged. There will be prizes! (If you want to participate but don’t have a shotgun, let us know and I’m sure we can come up with a solution.) 


  • Make sure you have a proper pistol holster. Your pistol must fit securely, and it must fully cover the trigger guard. If a pistol falls out of your holster that is a match DQ. 
  • If you have a short rifle/PCC barrel, be mindful of where your support hand and fingers are. Have a robust hand stop. Suggest wearing good gloves as well. 
  • Make sure you read the rules (link below) and understand which division you are in. 
  • Range Officers and Club members will get priority squadding for the first 48 hours (till Thursday morning)

There will be FOUR AM squads of 10 shooters each (40 shooters total). Four stages total. Minimum round count is around 20 pistol rounds (hard to judge due to the spinner), 22 shotgun rounds, and 20 rounds of either pistol or shotgun depending on which you choose to use. You will not need a sling for this match! Read the stage descriptions below. 

When you register please indicate if you are willing to be a squad Range Officer. You must have prior multi-gun experience running stages, have a timer capable of setting a 120 second PAR time, and know how to use PractiScore on a tablet. We reserve the right to shuffle shooters around if we do not have enough RO’s per squad (two RO’s minimum per squad). This is essential to maintain safety and have proper stage and shooter flow. 

The FXRGC 2G-ACM Rules (v1.4) can be reviewed here: 


Stages are here:


Match fee is $20 CASH AT THE DOOR only. We can not process credit cards at the range.

Let me know if you have any questions at [email protected]