January 2021 2G-ACM Match Report

Division Winners:

  • Armored – Joshua Shaw
  • Manual – Bryce Dial
  • Open – Michael Ethridge
  • Tac Irons – Tony Moller
  • Tac Limited – Scott Butler
  • Tac Scope – Jeff Underwood

Saturday, January 9th, 2021, we held the approved 2-Gun Action Challenge demonstration match. We had 28 shooters in attendance; 12 were Club members (43% of attendance). We ran the match as two squads – one AM and one PM squad, of 15 and 13 shooters respectively. 

Overall the match was a great success. We had some minor setbacks of course, all related to squad and stage timing. Setup took us longer than anticipated, and stages took longer to rotate shooters through than anticipated. I attribute both types of delay to learning experience.

While stage setup was light compared to an IDPA stage, there was more to do than we could accomplish in the 30 minutes I originally allocated for setup. That resulted in the first shots fired not starting till around 9:40am (which also accounted for shooter registration and the safety brief). For future matches we will do most of the setup on Friday afternoon, which will include ground marking and staging props for quicker setup on match day. 

Shooter rotation through the stages was slower than expected. AM squad average time per shooter was 4 minutes; PM squad average time was 3 minutes per shooter. I attribute some of that delay to the learning curve of a new style of match. As a result of the ‘stacked tolerances’ we only ran 3 of the 5 planned stages. Overall, the shooters were OK with that decision. AM squad first shots were at 9:40 am, PM squad first shots were at 1:15 pm. 

Things that went well: everyone was safe; there were no injuries; no safety violations – even from the less experienced multi-gun shooters; no property damage; stages ran as expected in terms of challenge level and difficulty; everyone enjoyed the match despite the delays. We learned a lot from this match, and have several ideas how to make the next match run smoother while also increasing the number of participants. I look forward to continuing the 2-Gun Action Challenge Match series at the Club.

Tony Moller
2G-ACM Match Director