War Rifle Match & Egg Shoot, January 16, 2022

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The War Rifle match was an outstanding success! The day was cold, COLD, running between 15-20 degrees the entire day! Last night I commented to a friend that the match is set in winter to show people that they CAN focus in the worst of times. My friend replied that I did a great job in picking the most extreme cold conditions in our area for this match! I think this match may have been the most extreme cold conditions any of us had ever shot a match in!

There was good shooting going on anyway, today; cold or not. Match winner was Will Sacripanti with a 18×40, shooting an AR15. Winner of the AR Category was Randy Fricks with a fine 14×40! Joe Iacabbucci won the Semi-Auto category shooting his M1 Garand with 1n 11×40, and Walt Ivanjack took the Bolt Action Category win with a 7×40, shooting his iron sighted 1903 Springfield 03A3.

The pistol and rifle Egg Shoots were fired following the second relay. After a number of folks had lost a good bit of money toward the pistol egg, Tyler Camp wiped the egg out, at 100 yards, using his CZ Scopion pistol in 9mm. In the rifle Egg Shoot, following several shooters depositing many dollars into the pot, Roger Estes borrowed a rifle from Randy Fricks, took 2 shots and scrambled the egg at 200 yards on his 3rd shot.

About 12:30, the snow began. We completed the match and headed on home. A good time was had by all.