Porasky Range Work & Shoot


To all Red Badge holders, Action Pistol, and Running Deer competitors (and those who are curious, and/or interested in trying “our game”!!):  We need your help in a Spring Cleaning, and general “Tidying up” of our special range on 29 April at 0900 (Civilians need not arrive until (9:00 AM).

We will be blowing leaves to clear the shooting areas, restoring the impact areas, and giving the scoring shack a good Spring Cleaning.  Legend around the Clubhouse is that the scoring shack has avoided the indignity of a “Spring Cleaning” for probably 2, maybe 3 lustrums (let’s hear it John Wayne/True Grit fans!) so we shall rectify that situation forthwith.

We need your help with leaf blowers, rakes, shovels, and gloved volunteers.  Many hands make for light work, so please join in!

Since we all like to enjoy a little play with our work, after we knock out our objectives for the day, we will go through a brief reminder of the Porasky Range Rules, and then send some rounds downrange to help us enjoy the fruits of our labor.  On the subject of “Fruits of our labor”, we will have some venison steaks (real ones, not from the target shed!), burgers, and hotdogs on the grill for our intrepid volunteers.

Please RSVP and/or direct questions to Howard Greenhouse at 703-670-5024, or 571-236-8986 (cell)