May 2021 IDPA Match Report

We held our monthly IDPA match on May 8, 2021. This was a five stage match, with four morning and four afternoon squads. We had a total of 82 shooters participate in the match – with 37% Club member participation. Social distancing was maintained to the best of our abilities. 

Special thanks to all our Safety Officers and volunteers who helped deliver a great match.

Match Champions by Division were:

  • Bill English – BUG 
  • Jeff Underwood – CCP 
  • Jules Myers – CDP 
  • Michael Ethridge – ESP 
  • Ian McAllister – SSP 
  • Pedro Chin – CO 
  • Chad Stachowiak – 22LR Pistol 
  • W.G. Haskins – REV 

Specialty Division Winners were:

  • Harold Tanks – High Senior 
  • Greg Schossler – High Law Enforcement 
  • Michael Ethridge – High Military 
  • David Evans – High Distinguished Senior 
  • Tetiana Hatley – High Lady 
  • Helmie Ashiblie – High Industry 
  • Thomas Abraham – High International

Most Accurate Overall was Allen Sams.

Full match results can be found at:

Next IDPA Match is June 12th, 2021. Registration opens about 2 weeks before the match. Check out the full details on the Club’s IDPA page:

If you have any questions regarding IDPA, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We’d love to talk with you. 

Tony Moller, Match Director