July 2022 IDPA Match Announcement


The registration for the July IDPA match at FXRGC on July 9 is now open. The monthly theme is ‘Merica. Remember your Red, White and Blue!

We are looking for volunteers to help setup on Friday afternoon before the match. If you can help we’ll waive your fee for the match. We’ll take the first 5 volunteers. Just email me at [email protected] by July 7 if you can help.

Squadding will be approved to club members for the first 48 hours and then will be opened to others.

We will be following the new IDPA rules with the exception of appendix carry shooters. If you wish to shoot appendix carry you must email me your intent at [email protected] before squadding unless you have been previously approved. Any new appendix shooters will be placed on the same squad. SSP shooters take note of the 15 round magazine change.

AM shooters will check in from 0745-0815 (mandatory safety brief at 0830) and compete until ~ 1200.

PM shooters will check in from 1115-1145 (mandatory safety brief at ~1200) and compete until ~ 1600.

Mandatory safety briefings will be held at Culver Range. You must be at the Safety Brief to shoot the match.

The gate code for both gates is 1362# (include the hash when entering the code). Please only one vehicle at a time through the gates. Please follow the speed limits on the club roads. To get to Culver Range, enter through the Club main gate; turn right into the parking lot and through the second gate; proceed down and around the lake (road gets narrow in a few spots); take the second left past the lake up to the Culver Range. You can park in the lot in front of the covered shooting area or down along the access road on the right hand side.

Course of Fire: Five stages. Bring 100 rounds minimum.

Stage designs will be posted in the next few days.

Shooters agree to:

  • Follow all IDPA Rules and abide by the Shooters Code of Conduct. New rules can be found at https://www.idpa.com/new-rulebook-mar-equipment-appendices/
  • Follow all posted speed limits on Club property.
  • Non-Club member may only go to the Clubhouse and the range(s) used for IDPA. All other areas are off limits unless escorted by a Club member.
  • Open carry on Club grounds is NOT permitted. Do not ‘gun up’ at your vehicle; use the provided IDPA Safe Areas. If you are carrying when you arrive, see an IDPA Safety Officer at Registration to assist you.

If you have any questions before you arrive, please ask us at [email protected].

If you have any questions once you arrive, please ask the Match Director or any of our Safety Officers.

Registration Link: https://practiscore.com/fxrgc-2022-july-idpa-match/register

Load and Make Ready

Nikki Cavaleri