July 2021 IDPA Match Announcement


This is our monthly club match. Match date July 17, 2021. We are running AM and PM squad format. Five stages. Approximately 80 rounds (bring more just in case).

By virtue of IDPA Rule 8.2.10, we are allowed to make Specialty (SPD) divisions for our local matches. These specialty divisions will apply ONLY to our local matches, and only as long as the ammo shortage is in play. There will be a 22LR Handgun Division. This has been approved by our Area Coordinator and the Club’s Safety Chair.

22LR Handgun Division

  • All semi-auto pistols follow ESP Division rules for gun size, weight, and gun modifications. Firearms with optics follow Carry Optics division rules for gun size, weight, and gun modifications.
  • No Arm Brace pistols.
  • All revolvers follow Stock Revolver division rules for gun size, weight, and gun modifications.
  • Optics are allowed.
  • Holsters must be used, unless you are a Junior shooter.
  • Division Capacity for semi-autos is 3 10 round mags plus a loaded chamber if the stage starts with the firearm loaded. For revolvers, cylinders must be loaded to 6 rounds only, with the corresponding number of IDPA allowed reloads.
  • Reloads may be stored in belt pouches or pockets as per normal IDPA rules.

There will be a limited number of PCC shooters allowed (1 per squad). You must contact the match director for approval to shoot PCC before registering.

  • AM shooters will check in from 0745-0815 and compete until ~1130. Safety brief at 0830.
  • PM shooters will check in from 1115-1145 and compete until ~1600. Safety brief at 1200.

Register here: https://practiscore.com/fxrgc-2021-july-idpa-match/register

Check in and mandatory safety brief for both AM & PM will be held on the Culver Range. You must be at the Safety Brief in order to shoot the match.

Once you are approved to squad (it is not automatic; you will get a separate email), select your squad as soon as you can because we fill up fast. Approval priority is: Staff and Safety Officers, then FXRGC Members, then IDPA members, then general shooters.  If you are not receiving email from Practiscore, 1) make sure your email address is correct on Practiscore; 2) add [email protected] to your address book; 3) check your junk folder; 4) use an email other than AOL or Verizon (both those services block many ‘gun’ related emails).

Reminder: do not gun up at your vehicle. There are plenty of Safe Areas for you to do that prior to the match. If you are carrying when you arrive, and need to unload, please see the Safety Officers at Registration and we will assist you. Same applies in reverse when leaving the Club at the end of your match.

Registrations fill up FAST. Best to register when you get this email.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Load and Make Ready!

Tony & Jeff

IDPA at FXRGC: https://www.fxrgc.org/pistol/idpa/