IDPA April 2021 Match Results

We held our 2021 IDPA Season Opener on April 10, 2021. We had 80 shooters participate in the match. Social distancing was maintained to the best of our abilities.

Special thanks to all our Cecily Shea and our Safety Officers who helped deliver a great match.

Match Champions by Division were:
Bill English – BUG
Tony Moller – CCP
Alex Ewing – CDP
Ryan O’Donnell – ESP
Josh Sims – SSP
Adam Metcalf – CO
Chad Stachowiak – 22LR Pistol
Matthew Wellington – REV

Specialty Division Winners were:
David Letourneau – High Senior
Tim Florio – High Law Enforcement
Carl Bodin – High Military
Conrad Reynolds – High Distinguished Senior
Nicole Cavaleri – High Lady
Helmie Ashiblie – High Industry

Most Accurate Overall was John McLaughlin.

Full match results can be found at:

Next IDPA Match is May 8th, 2021. Registration opens about 2 weeks before the match. Check out the full details on the Club’s IDPA page:

If you have any questions regarding IDPA, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We’d love to talk with you.

Tony Moller, Match Director