August 2021 IDPA Match Results


We held our monthly IDPA match on August 14, 2021. This was a five stage match, with four morning and four afternoon squads. We had a total of 87 shooters participate in the match – with 36% Club member participation. Social distancing was maintained to the best of our abilities. The weather was hot and humid. Hopefully cooler weather will return as we enter the fall season.

Special thanks to all our Safety Officers and volunteers who helped deliver a great match.

Match Champions by Division were:

  • Conrad Reynolds – BUG
  • Andrew Glynn – CCP
  • Jules Myers – CDP
  • Jeff Underwood – ESP
  • W.G. Haskins – REV
  • Matt Thompson – SSP
  • Pedro Chin – CO
  • Dan Iradi – 22LR Pistol
  • Ian McAllister – PCC

Specialty Division Winners were:

  • Jorge Concepcion – High Senior
  • Greg Schossler – High Law Enforcement
  • John Weidley – High Military
  • Irwin Selnick – High Distinguished Senior
  • Christine Bradford – High Lady
  • David Lee – High Industry
  • Zander Vetter – High Junior

Most Accurate Overall was Pedro Chin.

Full match results can be found at:

Next IDPA Match is September 18, 2021. Registration opens about 2 weeks before the match. Check out the full details on the Club’s IDPA page:

If you have any questions regarding IDPA, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We’d love to talk with you.

Tony Moller, Match Director