Fundamentals Of Pistol Competition With David Wampler 

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This competition class will be focusing on applying pistol fundamentals seen in practical shooting competition, IDPA and USPSA. We will be evaluating patterns, isolating areas in need of improvement and reping out practical scenarios. Students will be refining grip, target focused shooting, transitions, and movement styles. This class is for those that are already familiar with shooting match’s and want to get better.

Instructor Bio: David Wampler

From his earliest years, David Wampler has been no stranger to competition. Selected for the highest levels of youth team paint ball and several years of sponsored car racing, David made the successful jump to semi-professional level amateur shooting after graduating from Liberty University.

Since starting shooting in 2014, David joined the United States Practical Shooting Association and has since won numerous State Championship matches and Section Matches.

David is well known for his speed, accuracy, and rigorous training skills and has developed numerous amounts of training videos. David is now poised to break out on the international stage. His quick rise to the top of the ranking boards and rapidly achieving the level of Grand Master “GM” set him up to receive many requests from the growing shooting community. He now also runs his own successful training and consulting business with a waitlist ranging from intro to seasoned competitive clientele.

Off the range, David is a husband, manager of a local transportation/construction business, outdoorsman and pet dad.

Look for David at the next major competition or out on the range in Northern Virginia. You can also find David on Instagram(david_wampler_shooting), YouTube(David Wampler) and Facebook(David Wampler Competition Shooter).